Coastal and Marine Slide Compilation Project (CD-ROM)

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During the past three years members of the Coastal & Marine Specialty Group have participated in a successful project to collect, document, and scan over 200 slides and photographs. These digital images have been assembled into nine individual slide sets that exemplify the continuam of reaserch that is being conducted within the coastal zone.

These digital slide sets are fully documented and have been compiled onto CD along with all necessary files to view each slide show interactively on your computer via Microsoft Internet ExplorerTM or NetscapeTM. This CD-ROM compilation comes ready for use and may be suitable for both classroom and computer laboratory settings. In addition, individual photographs contained in the compilation may be reproduced and used for research and educational purposes. A preview of the interface for this CD is available at

To order or reserve your copy of the CD-ROM, fill out the attached order form and return to the address shown below. Price per CD-ROM is $10.00 (U.S. and Canada) or $14 (all other countries).

Coastal and Marine Slide Compilation (CD-ROM) Order Form

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Make your check or money order in U.S. funds payable to AAG Coastal and Marine

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